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Meet Our team

Welcome to the McKee Family


Chearl McKee

Sales Manager

Younger daughter Chearl who was born and raised in Three Rivers, spent 40 years in Laguna Beach, California.  As an accomplished massage therapist for over 27 years, Chearl developed her people skills and grew her diplomacy muscles. She moved back home to help the family in 2017 and began helping with the family business.  She now communicates with interested buyers making sure they have the latest information from the BAR O RANCH RANCH . Cell Phone always in hand, she takes many of the photos for our fb and website page. Everyday ranch chores and getting the word out  on our beautiful horses  keeps her on the run.

Linda McKee Amaral

Business Manager

Oldest daughter Linda, a retired College Dance teacher, has returned to the homestead to run the finances, manages the web site and keeps an eye on the past, present and future of the BAR O QUARTER HORSE program. Linda is not afraid of hard work and proves it daily. She loves to ride and of course tend to the grandchildren when she can. We couldn’t have asked for a better Owner to be a part of our team.

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Mike Amaral

Facility Manager

Son in law Mike has been a part of BAR O RANCH AQHA HORSE RANCH since the very start.  A retired heavy construction technician for Ma Bell Mike can drive and trailer anything we throw him.  He takes care of business when the girls call and makes sure things are running properly around the ranch. Mike is the biggest and strongest so everything depends on him.


Our Mission

Our mission at BAR O RANCH AQHA HORSE RANCH is twofold. First, we strive to provide a quality product for our   local ranchers and horse lovers. Breading easy spirited, powerful and sure footed mountain horses able to fearlessly climb and manuvor all obsticles.    Secondly, we pursue to perserve the  strong King and Hancocks Blue Boy lines Earl dreamed about. Our amazing Horse Ranch is exactly what you and your family need to visit for a great day outdoors.


Summer Shannon our head wrangler
tends to the everyday care of the stock at the ranch site.

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