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Nestled in the beautiful little foothill valley of Three Rivers, California, under the protection of the majestic Blossom Peak and considered the "Gateway to Sequoia National Park" sits the
Bar O Ranch.

The McKee family has lived on this little piece of paradise for over 120 years. Initially a cow ranch with over 40,000 acers of range land,  Earls passion for mules and horses persisted. Over the years the size of the ranch reduced and Earl wasn't getting any younger. He made the decision to sell off the cattle and mules and whole heartedly pursued his dream of creating a full on horse ranch.  He first began with a twelve stable horse barn, office and wash facility. An arena, round pen and hay barn were shortly added. Seven paddocks with four larger pastures surround the facility with all enclosed pipe fencing.

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History of Earl McKee

Professional Local Horse Ranch

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Earl A McKee Jr. took over the helm of the Bar O Ranch at the age of 15.  His father a cow rancher in Three Rivers, California plus a Pack Horse & Riding operation owner in Sequoia National Park, suddenly died at the age of 56. Earl still in high School headed straight on to the cattle business with the help of his fathers peers. He always looked for the best horse be it in Texas, Wyoming or Nebraska. This started his passion for Foundation lines and has been producing beautiful AQHA King p234 horses ever since.   CUE BERRY KING, KING O CLUBS, DOCSSANPEPPYGOMANGO, and KAWEAH KING JOE were stallions he raised and bred in the 80's-90's. In 1997 he bought PLENTY VALENTINE who still proves to be the bread winner. In 2007 Earl bought a beautiful young stallion WHIPP HANCOCK LEROY from the Broken Bones Cattle Company in Lander, Wyoming hoping to build a strong blue roan business.  HOPPER is his colt and the ranch still runs 6 of his best daughters.  At one time the Bar O Ranch ran over 100 horses. Earl and a few hands handled and broke many a fine animal. As Earls health began to fail his two daughters and son in law stepped in to help. Reducing the heard and specializing in the Stud Service of our three Stallions and selling 8-12 weanlings a year.

 Besides being a cowboy's cowboy, Earl was a musician and founding member of the High Sierra Jazz Band.  
For 40 years the group traveled the world spreading the joy of Traditional Dixie Land Jazz.

Earl A McKee passed on to the "big ranch in the sky" in 2019.

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